Setting up your Knowledge base

Knowledgebase setup

After you sign in for the first time you will be directed to this page:-


Display Name (public):- The name you would see [that would be displayed] on your Knowledge base page.


Your Logo:- The Logo of your company that would be displayed above the Dashboard and Knowledge base page. You can upload your logo directly from your computer or mobile by clicking on Choose File and then choose your logo and hit save. Your logo will be saved.


Your website URL:- Here you should enter the URL of your website so that you can integrate [link] your knowledge base with your website. Note:- add  https://  before the URL example               ​​​


Support email for your customers:- Here, you should enter a mail id of your Customer support staff or anyone who can answer a query when your customer did not find what he is looking for in your Knowledge base and wants to resolve his query by contacting you.

After finishing it hit the save icon and that's it, you are all set! 

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