How to Integrate Shopify with Cheerdocs

Steps to Integrate Shopify with Cheerdocs

First of all, Create an Account with Cheerdocs.

Go through this link to know how to create an account


After creating an account with Cheerdocs create your knowledgebase of FAQ’S and after everything is done, you can integrate your Knowledgebase help page directly with your Shopify Website


Follow these steps to Integrate your Cheerdocs knowledgebase directly on your Shopify site.


Click on Navigation on your Shopify Account Page.

Now Click on Main Menu 

After clicking on the main menu you can see this


After clicking on Add menu item, you will see this



Add a Name for your Faq page for example FAQ OR YOUR SITE NAME and Faq

Then on the link field give your CheerDocs knowledgebase faq page URL


copy the page URL and paste it on the Link Field, then you can see a link suggestion, click on it and Click on Add


Now click on Save at the Top Right on the page so that the Faq page will integrate to your site

That's it! your Cheerdocs knowledgebase page is integrated to your Shopify Website

You can see that on your site like this

On clicking on My site FAQ your customer enters into your Cheerdocs Faq’s page where they can search for their Desired Query.


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